A Chocolate Girl’s Life


Aramide Tinubu - August 15, 2018
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3:23 a.m. On nights like these when I cannot sleep, I lay awake remembering girlhood giggles and idols long dead and buried. My heart feels restless and unsettled as I toss and turn — desperately hoping for a better tomorrow. And yet, my most fervent prayers seem to be slipping further away, stolen by foolish men consumed with greed and power as we are left …

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Unending Summer

Aramide Tinubu - August 9, 2018

It’s hot. I can feel the steam rising from the cracked Harlem sidewalks as I pad slowly down the street in my pearl covered slides, thick thighs rubbing together, and a cold brew clutched in my right fist. Usually, the heat makes me smile. The thick air and unending sunshine feel like a familiar blanket. I basque in it all like a hug from one …

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A Seat at the Table: The Diaspora Dialogues’ International Women Of Power Luncheon

Aramide Tinubu - March 20, 2018

The cloudy skies and crisp air hoving around Los Angeles were a blatant indication that a new time is brewing in Hollywood. On the heels of #OscarsSoWhite, and the watershed year that has birthed the Time’s Up movement and reinvigorated Tamara Burke’s #MeToo movement — Black women continue to be ahead of the curve. During Oscar’s weekend, various parties and events were happening all over …

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Kobe Bryant’s Film Mentors Are Two Legendary Black Women

Aramide Tinubu - March 5, 2018

Kobe Bryant is the first professional athlete, and the first Black person to ever win an Oscar for Best Animated Short film. He took home the prize for his film, Dear Basketball. The film is based on a letter he wrote to The Players’ Tribune on November 29, 2015, announcing his retirement from basketball. “The hardest thing for an athlete to do is to start over,” …

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Franchesca Ramsey And Director Kaitlin Fontana On The Comedy Docuseries, ‘Franchesca’ (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - February 1, 2018

Franchesca Ramsey is returning to her roots. The ever-poised and polished YouTuber is dressed in bright colors and sports and a bold lip in the midst of the grey and white background of Sundance Film Festival. The comedian, YouTuber, journalist, actress and producer has returned to the film festival for the second year in a row with her new comedy docuseries, aptly titled Franchesca (at least for …

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Producer Datari Turner Talks Bringing ‘A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.’ To Life (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - January 29, 2018

We’re taught to lean into to love — to let dreams and possibilities consume us. The paralyzing fear the comes with jumping in head first is rarely explored. However, Qasim Basir strips down the fairytale with his gorgeously shot A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. Omari Hardwick and Meagan Good stand at the center of the film as Cass and Frida, two strangers spiraling toward one …

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Boots Riley And The Cast Of ‘Sorry To Bother You’ On The Bold, Whimsical Film (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - January 25, 2018
Sorry To Bother You_The MACRO Lodge_2

There are plenty of films with commentary surrounding race, commodification, self-worth, and what it means to be normal. However, none of those films have been as strange, compelling and masterful as Boots Riley’s debut feature film; Sorry to Bother You. As Riley said bluntly in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, “I’m not good at sounding like somebody else or doing what someone else does.” Starring …

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Why Is There No Black Press At The Sundance Film Festival?

Aramide Tinubu - January 22, 2018
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Sundance is the most prominent film festival in North America with thousands of films screening each year. This year, Black representation in the programming slate has been explosive. From projects like Sorry to Bother You, Blindspotting, Hale County: This Morning, This Evening, Two Dope Queens, Francesca and many others, there are so many projects to screen and write about — effectively putting them on the world’s radar before many of them …

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27….I’m F*ckin 27

Aramide Tinubu - August 24, 2017

My knee is throbbing. As I write this, I am currently propped up on my fluffy queen-sized mattresses with my right leg elevated — a makeshift ice pack from some juice cleanse I did in the past two years rests on my knee. The offending knee is wrapped in the ace bandaged I got that time I almost broke my toe. The Golden Girls is …

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