Review: ‘STEP’ is a spectacular embrace of black sisterhood

August 4, 2017

BlackStar Film Festival Spotlight: Time travel & police brutality collide in ‘See You Yesterday,’ exec produced by Spike Lee

August 4, 2017

BlackStar Film Festival Spotlight: ‘The Tale Of Four,’ directed by Gabourey Sidibe, starring Aisha Hinds, Ledisi & more

August 4, 2017

It is a burdensome thing to try and hold the plight of an entire community on your back. In the Black community, it’s a responsibility often given to women. We are expected to stand in the thick of it all and cope, often neglecting our own psychological turmoil.

From director Gabourey Sidibe, The Tale Of Four is a short-film that delves into the frequently daunting circumstances of everyday life for Black women. Inspired by the Nina Simone song of the same name, The Tale of Four confronts issues of violence, trauma and self-loathing over the course of twenty minutes.

In the midst of another monstrous case of police brutality, we meet four women— Peaches (Aisha Hinds), Saffronia (Meagan Kimberly Smith), Sweet Thing (Dana Gourrier) and Sara (Ledisi Young). These women are being crushed under the weight of duty to protect others that stems from both love and obligation. In the midst of the hashtags, news reports and a justice failing system, the four women are trying to come to terms with who they are and what’s next for them. The film also features Jussie Smolett.

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