Chocolate Girl’s Life

27….I’m F*ckin 27

Aramide Tinubu - August 24, 2017

My knee is throbbing. As I write this, I am currently propped up on my fluffy queen-sized mattresses with my right leg elevated — a makeshift ice pack from some juice cleanse I did in the past two years rests on my knee. The offending knee is wrapped in the ace bandaged I got that time I almost broke my toe. The Golden Girls is …

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My Daddy, The Muslim Immigrant

Aramide Tinubu - February 19, 2017
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My dad has been gone exactly four years now, buried in the hard earth on a bitterly cold day in February, I nearly fell to my knees as I watched that plain pine box getting lowered into the ground. You see, he was the smartest man I’ve ever met; his brain working at the speed of light to compute numbers and figures. He was always …

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At The Edge Of The Year

Aramide Tinubu - January 1, 2017

On winter days just after the holiday season has come to a close I find myself alone, braless with bare feet, invitations to brunch turned down, relationships ended. My shea butter coated arms elbow deep in scalding hot water as coffee brews in the background. I stand over the sink, scrubbing my breakfast dishes, the window cracked just slightly billowing in gusts of frigid air, I …

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Summer Fling

Aramide Tinubu - November 25, 2016

On a warm evening in early September, we said goodbye. I stood outside of my apartment building clinging to you, desperate to memorize your scent and the way your body felt molded against mine. All those months earlier, I’d jumped out of an Uber in the middle of a rainstorm in Harlem, nonchalant and unexpecting. You “got” me from the jump, your sexy stoic nature, …

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Aramide Tinubu Moderates ‘Miss Sharon Jones!’ ‘Apple Talk’ w/ Sharon Jones & Director Barbara Koppl

Aramide Tinubu - August 1, 2016

WATCH THE APPLE TALK HERE She’s been called the female James Brown, and if you haven’t heard her voice yet, when you finally do, your soul will recognize it. Grammy Award nominated soul singer, Sharon Jones (of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings) will be at the Apple Store in SoHo NYC with Academy Award winning director, Barbara Kopple on Tuesday, July 26th at 5PM ET. …

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On Becoming Human

Aramide Tinubu - June 12, 2016
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When I was small, my father insisted that I use jumbo pink erasers to clear the errors off the pages of my homework. In his opinion, the erasers on the back on the number two pencils that I gripped tightly in my small hands didn’t do an adequate enough job. In fact, instead of giving my assignments a more pristine look, they often left harsh …

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Vh1 Quoted Me In A Commercial For ‘The Breaks’

Aramide Tinubu - February 3, 2016

Last month, I wrote a review for VH1’s original movie “The Breaks” for Indiewire’s Shadow and Act. Yesterday, I was watching a “Fresh Prince” marathon that was airing on a network and I noticed the pulled my quote for a commercial on the film. How amazing is that?!! Check it out here. So NBD but that Indiewire quote at the end, “‘The Breaks’ is… well-acted, …

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Visiting the Curaçao Set for Ernest Dickerson’s Latest Feature Film ‘Double Play’ Was a Journey Rife With History and Understanding

Aramide Tinubu - January 4, 2016

History is often told through the perspective of those who are in power. So much of what is written erases the experiences of those who are marginalized in society. With his arresting and groundbreaking novel, “Double Play”; Curaçaoan author Frank Martinus Arion gave the world a unique view into the island of Curaçao and its culture. Nearly 45 years after the novel was first published, …

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