Anna Deavere Smith On Her Extraordinary One-Woman Show, HBO’s ‘Notes From The Field’

Aramide Tinubu - February 24, 2018
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Everyone has a voice, but not all voices have platforms to be heard. It has been Anna Deavere Smith’s life work to share these voices and their stories with the rest of the world. The Tony and Pulitzer Prize nominee is bringing her extraordinary one-woman show, Notes From the Field to HBO. Ahead of the film’s premiere, we sat down to chat about this masterful work and …

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Why Lupita Nyong’o As Nakia Is The Heartbeat Of ‘Black Panther’

Aramide Tinubu - February 22, 2018
nakia lupita nyongo black panther 1

Ryan Coogler’s stunning Black Panther is masterful for a variety of reasons. A film of contrasts that juxtaposes technology and traditionalism, Coogler presents a Wakanda that is at war with history and in turn at war with itself. Unlike the rest of Africa, Wakanda has not suffered under the constant rape and pillage of colonization and the brutality of slavery. As a result, the country and its …

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18 Unforgettable Films to Watch During Black History Month

Aramide Tinubu - February 10, 2018

We can’t get through Black History Month without talking about the significance of Black film and how it has influenced the culture. Oscar Micheaux’s 20th-century race films were made to combat mistrial images of the era. Sir Sidney Poitier reigned in the 1960’s. There was the Blaxploitation era of the ’70s,  Black City Cinema of the ‘90s and now there is a current resurgence of …

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Remembering An Icon: ‘King: A Film Record … Montgomery to Memphis’

Aramide Tinubu - February 4, 2018

Fifty-years after his assassination and on what would have been his 89th birthday, the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) in partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (MPAA) honored the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The NMAAHC and The Earl W. and Amanda Stafford Center for African American Media Arts (CAAMA) held a screening of the …

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Boots Riley And The Cast Of ‘Sorry To Bother You’ On The Bold, Whimsical Film (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - January 25, 2018
Sorry To Bother You_The MACRO Lodge_2

There are plenty of films with commentary surrounding race, commodification, self-worth, and what it means to be normal. However, none of those films have been as strange, compelling and masterful as Boots Riley’s debut feature film; Sorry to Bother You. As Riley said bluntly in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, “I’m not good at sounding like somebody else or doing what someone else does.” Starring …

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Why Is There No Black Press At The Sundance Film Festival?

Aramide Tinubu - January 22, 2018
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Sundance is the most prominent film festival in North America with thousands of films screening each year. This year, Black representation in the programming slate has been explosive. From projects like Sorry to Bother You, Blindspotting, Hale County: This Morning, This Evening, Two Dope Queens, Francesca and many others, there are so many projects to screen and write about — effectively putting them on the world’s radar before many of them …

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‘Sammy Davis, Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me’ is an electric look at an enigmatic performer (TIFF Review)

Aramide Tinubu - September 13, 2017

Black entertainers in this country shoulder a burden that we don’t often consider – that of representation. Even now in the 21st century, the Black artist must carry the entire race with them as they navigate career, politics and the complexities of their personal lives. Watching from the sidelines, we expect –perhaps unconsciously, for these larger than life figures to make choices that are conscious …

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Interview: Director John Trengove talks South African coming-of-age drama, ‘The Wound’

Aramide Tinubu - August 17, 2017

ohn Trengove’s South African coming-of-age drama, The Wound is a visceral and powerfully done film about queer Black identity and its intersections with Ukwaluka, the rite of passage for male Xhosa teens— a rural tribe in the country. The film follows Xolani (Nakhane Touré) an isolated closeted factory worker who returns each year to act as a khaukatha, or mentor for the younger boys. However, his real …

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Interview: Filmmaker Allen Hughes reflects on HBO’s ‘The Defiant Ones’

Aramide Tinubu - July 7, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 6.22.42 PM

How do two very different men — one Black, and the other Italian — from opposite ends of the country shift and bend the trajectory of the modern day music business? In his new comprehensive 4-part documentary, master filmmaker Allen Hughes explores the lives and careers of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine — both veteran music producers, executives and co-founders of Beats by Dre. The Defiant …

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Review: A Powerful Look at Connection for Black Trans Women in ‘Walk For Me’

Aramide Tinubu - June 2, 2017

We all go through moments of transition. These moments are those significant periods in our lives when the core of our beings break free, and our inner self is truly revealed. Once we take those brave steps into the light, there is no going back, or turning away. We must stand bare under the glaring lamp of the general public to be poked, prodded, and …

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