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January 6, 2018

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January 6, 2018

Christina Faith talks ‘Single and Anxious,’ giving Philadelphia some love & Christianity onscreen (EXCLUSIVE)

January 6, 2018

Society often dismisses the problems of millennials as trivial and not worth noting — as if the trials and tribulations of life only bare down on us in our more advanced year. With her stellar web series Single and Anxious, creator, writer, and director Christina Faith brings the lives of twenty-somethings into the forefront, allowing her characters to grow, expand and be their authentic selves.

Single and Anxious follows a group of friends, Karissa (Milaya S. Gregory) and her drug-dealing boyfriend T (Branden Brook). Amaya (Daarinah Saafir) and her cousin Tasha (Fann Sanders), Sebastian (Don Cephas) who is struggling with his Christianity, Santos (Jerrick Medrano) and Je’Kob (Brandon J McLean).

Described as Girlfriends meets A Different World with just a hint of The WireSingle and Anxious which just dropped its second season earlier this fall is Faith’s brainchild. “When I think about anxiety, I don’t think about anxiety from the perspective of, ‘I just want to be in a relationship’,” she explained to me. “My thing is, anxiety comes from being in relationships with people that may not be the best fit for us — or at the wrong time. Single and Anxious came from my singleness when I was single and bothered me all the time. I got tired of writing about singleness from the biblical perspective, and I thought, ‘Let’s just make some characters.’ So the book and the show both have the same name, but they approach anxiety from a different perspective. Karissa is anxious to keep the perfect life you see from the first season. Then, in the second season, you see she’s anxious from the perspective of, ‘I don’t want the perfect life. I just want to do what I want to do.’ So it’s just a play on words.”

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