Underground Recap: Harriet Tubman Stands At the Center Of ‘Minty’

Aramide Tinubu - April 13, 2017
Underground Season 2 - Episode 206

As a guide, warrior and no-nonsense champion, Aisha Hinds’ Harriet Tubman has been a visceral force during this season of Underground. Teaching Rosalee how to move cargo undetected and working with Georgia and Elizabeth’s abolitionist sewing circle, “the most notorious runaway” has integrated herself among all aspects of the cause and in “Minty,” we finally get the full view of her life and backstory. In …

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‘Underground’ Recap: Things Go Left For Cato In ‘Whiteface’

Aramide Tinubu - April 5, 2017

The fifth episode of the second season of Underground, “Whiteface” opens on a startling note. A room full of affluent white people have come to see a minstrel show, but instead, something else is amiss. Rather than being painted in blackface, the performers are covered in whiteface. They begin making fun of white people much to the horror of the audience. As the crowd rushes out, …

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Interview: Cast Of Netflix’s ‘The Get Down’ Talk ’70s, Music That Birthed Hip-Hop & Where Their Characters Are Headed Next

Aramide Tinubu - April 5, 2017

The second part of Baz Luhrmann’s 70’s set musical drama, “The Get Down” is finally hitting Netflix on Friday, April 7th. The lush and vibrant series follows Bronx native Ezekiel “Zeke” Figueroa (Justice Smith) and his group, The Get Down Brothers on their quest to hip-hop superstardom. Zeke’s girlfriend, Mylene Cruz (Herizen Guardiola) is also desperate to make it big in disco and escape her …

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Review: ‘Fatherless’ Is One Man’s Humorous & Honest Quest To Find His Father And Eviscerate Statistics

Aramide Tinubu - April 2, 2017

For decades, the Black community has been beaten over the head with statistics and reports surrounding the absence of Black fathers within the community. There have been dissertations and investigations about the impact that single-parent households have on Black people as a whole. However, these statistics often seem to ignore the entire picture. In fact, when stacked up against white America, these numbers are nearly …

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Salli Richardson-Whitfield On ‘Underground’s’ “Nok Aaut” & The Age Of The Black Female Director

Aramide Tinubu - March 30, 2017
Underground Season 2 - Episode 204

The fourth episode of the second season of Underground, “Nok Aaut,” directed by Salli Richardson-Whitfield occurs at a crucial moment in history. Already embedded in the violate institution of slavery, 1858 sits two years before the South secedes from the Union, and one year prior to abolitionist John Brown’s infamous raid on Harper’s Ferry. Tensions among abolitionists and slaveholders are on the verge of bubbling …

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Hour 2 Of ‘Shots Fired’ Hints That Pastor Janae James Might Be At The Center Of It All (Recap)

Aramide Tinubu - March 29, 2017
ShotsFired (1)

Hour two of Reggie Rock Bythewood and Gina Prince-Bythewood’s compelling mini-series “Shots Fired” was full of broken promises and underhanded moves. “Betrayal Of Trust” opens with deceased teen Jesse Carr’s father approaching Deputy James Beck as he arrives home. Gun in hand, Carr’s anger and heartbreak is both palpable and understandable. However, when we learn that he had not been an active member in his …

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‘Underground’ Recap: It’s All About Heartbreak & Survival In ‘Ache’

Aramide Tinubu - March 23, 2017
Underground Season 2 - Episode 203

In the opening sequence of “Ache,” we see Daniel once again. He is still reading and learning. This time, he reads Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I A Woman?” to his teenage daughter by candlelight while the young girl looks on enthralled.  In probably the strongest opening of Underground since the series premiere, Daniel reassures his child that she is not just strong in her body; but …

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Unraveling Hour One Of ‘Shots Fired’

Aramide Tinubu - March 22, 2017

WARNING—Spoilers ahead. There are levels to this. That was my first thought after screening Reggie Rock Bythewood and Gina Prince-Bythewood’s ambitious mini-series “Shots Fired” for the second time. At first glance, the series appears to be an inverted tale, ripped straight from the headlines. In the fictional town of Gate Station, North Carolina (where 65% of its citizens are Black), an unarmed white college student …

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Interview: Seith Mann On VH1’s ‘The Breaks,’ Revisiting The ’90s & The Origins Of Hip-Hop

Aramide Tinubu - March 20, 2017

It’s so deeply embedded in our culture now, that it’s hard to remember a time when hip-hop was just a movement. It was once the ugly step-sister in the music industry desperate to shine, and it took some very ambitious and brazen people, to push the sound of a generation to the forefront of mainstream culture. Picking up where the two-hour television movie (which aired …

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A Discussion With Amirah Vann & Robert Christopher Riley On Exploring The Horrors Of Domestic Violence On ‘Underground’

Aramide Tinubu - March 15, 2017

NOTE: This includes very light spoilers from episode 202, “Things Unsaid,” which airs tonight on WGN America. This season of “Underground” is shaping up to be incredibly explosive, and only one episode has aired so far. One of the most enthralling aspects of this season has been the storyline around Amirah Vann’s character Ms. Ernestine and the domestic violence that she experiences. Separated from her …

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