My Impromptu Big Chop & Why I Still Lust After Weave

December 27, 2011

My Fear Of Being Stuck

December 27, 2011

Cuz We Like To Party

December 27, 2011
Big Chop
College Fun
Throwback Sophomore year of College SMH LMAO

So the other night me and the girlies ventured out to the House of Blues for a soiree:). Now usually I’m not really into the party/club scene (my favorite part of going out is usually putting my outfit and makeup together) but, since I’m getting older I’ve continually tried to step out of my comfort zone. (You gotta live, learn and grow peoples.) So we get there all looking flyy, smelling good etc and I must admit I’m a bit nervous about my hairs but I’m tryna psych myself out about it. So we get to the party, the venue is nice, the drinks are flowing an the people are pretty but,  unfortunately by the end of the night  I’d had a mediocre time. Now like I stated previously I’m not a big party person, I’m more of a bar, lounge, chill type of gal. At this party though I felt like I was in 7th grade.

It wasn’t this bad, but I don’t think anything could ever be this bad LMAO

Now at any party it takes a minute for it to get crackin’ but it seems like this one didn’t until right before we left at 2am. I was thrown off really bad because the dudes were standing around (looking right I might add) and just staring at females. So Ninjas can’t ask women to dance now? A lot of ladies including myself and my girlies kicked it amongst ourselves, dancing, laughing and drinking while the dudes just looked dry as hell. Smh It was quite a lackluster evening,  we could’ve went to The Cheescake Factory for dinner and drinks for all that. So anywhoo, being loud like I am, I approached this dude that sat down near me and I asked him point blank. “Why don’t dudes approach women anymore?” Dude was cool as hell, at first he gave me this BS answer like, “We’ll Black women are just too strong and beautiful” (LOL he was clearly tryna butter us up especially, my bestie who he later proceeded to dance with for the remainder of the evening :)) But then he got really real, he was like honestly, dudes just gotta mature. So many females throw the coochie at you and you just take whatever, but as you mature you realize the benefits of having one women ( a classier women without a bustdown reputation). So essentially he told me, that dudes were gonna go for the women who looked open, because they were young and thats what they were looking for. (One poor trick literally had her vagina out smh,) And then he told me that I looked like I wasn’t going at all. (I did appreciate that, I must admit). But he also said something interesting, that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. He said that I had to make it known that I was somehow interested in the dudes that were looking at me. Now I have been trying to be better about that lately.  However,  when I’m around dudes that I’m interested in I’m pretty shy which is strange because I am an EXTREME EXTROVERT , but I try to smile and look pleasant and not like I just stepped in dog shit.  ( I was also still a bit nervous about how my hair was being perceived though I thought I looked good). As I write this though I’m thinking that I’m kind of old fashion, I like the idea of men approaching women and honestly, I don’t want a man who is too much of a pussy to do so and just proceeds to stare at me all evening without opening his mouth. But maybe thats just me 🙂

xoxoxox Chocolate Girl In the City xoxoxoxox

PS. I think that as women we need to stop being so harsh to dudes that do approach us
that we want nothing to do with, they have feelings to. As the bestie and I were standing at the bar we watch a man buy this woman a drink and he asked her what she did (for a living). She told him “I can’t tell you all that” and then ran off with the $10 drink that he’d just brought her.  Now I must admit I laughed and laughed but it was still harsh as hell and she shouldn’t have done that.