Interview: Chatting w/ Meagan Good About ‘Minority Report’, Her New Film ‘A Girl Like Grace’ & Viola Davis’ Emmy Shout-Out

October 9, 2015

Interview: Chatting w/ Tyrese Gibson About His New Film ‘Shame’ & Taking on Darker Roles

October 9, 2015

“Fires Of Heaven” – Recap of ‘Empire’ Season 2, Episode 3

October 9, 2015
Meagan Good
Tyrese Gibson, Shame

Prosecutor Roxanne Ford is still in her low cut top holding a press conference outside of the courthouse. She is NOT pleased that Lucious has been granted bail, and she’s not afraid to let everyone know. Oh, and she might be running for Assistant District Attorney. Meanwhile, Lucious walks out of the courthouse looking slick and smooth with Jamal and his new attorney Thirsty on either side of him. The only problem is, apparently under his bail terms Lucious isn’t allowed in Empire Entertainment headquarters. This seems insane but Lucious appears to be unbothered.

At Empire headquarters (on the steps, not in the building) Lucious speaks to his fan as Roxanne Ford looks on from her beat-up car. She has it out for Lucious BAD.

At Hakeem’s apartment, it looks like several bombs detonated. (If Lucious hasn’t cut him off yet, he should really consider a housekeeper.) He’s rather disheveled as Cookie beats down his door. Apparently he’s late for something…like that’s a surprise. It seems that the youngest Lyon has been laid up with the new lead singer of Rainbow Sensation, because she pops out of nowhere looking for her draws. After Cookie puts the girl in her place, she tells Hakeem that Lucious is out of jail.

Hakeem makes it to his interview with Sway in the nick of time,  and after his performance, he sits down to chat about his leaked album and Lyon Dynasty. Sway gets Lucious on the line during the interview, but doesn’t have much to say about his youngest son or the leaked album, but Hakeem does provide an update on his girl group. Evidently they are no longer Rainbow Sensation, instead they’re Ménage à Trois.  Sway suggests that Hakeem the girls to his show in a couple of days, and despite Cookie’s horrified glare and headshakes, Hakeem agrees. (Cookie’s broom needs to make a comeback.)

Later that evening Lucious has invited the entire Lyon clan over to break bread. (Why anyone bothered to show up is beyond me.) Lucious tells them all that if they dismantle Lyon Dynasty, EVERYTHING will be forgiven.  It seems that he thinks that no one can eat without him. This is the point when Queen Cookie shows out,. Mama snatches up her bag and proceeds to tell Papa Lyon that she’ll always eat. Prior to exiting, she politely snatches the table runner and all of the food off the table.

Sometime later, Anika foolishly meets Lucious at Leviticus. He lies through his teeth and convinces her to plot against Lyon Dynasty. (SMH Anika I thought you were bright.)

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