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June 2, 2015

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French Director Robin Campillo Talks ‘Eastern Boys,’ Family and the Immigration Climate in France

June 2, 2015
Eastern Boys

How do we define family? Traditionally, we gravitate toward people who are related to us by blood. And yet, as we branch out into the world, we may find kindred spirits in others that we encounter on our life’s journey. The ties that bind us together are often strongest when we have to work to maintain them. As we grow and change as individuals, our relationships with other people regularly take on different forms, influencing who we were, who we are, and who we’ve yet to become.

Moroccan-born director Robin Campillo’s latest film, Eastern Boys, explores the meaning of family while commenting on the plight of immigration in modern day France. Despite a language barrier and a gap in socioeconomic status, older Frenchman Daniel (Olivier Rabourdin) and his younger Chechen lover, Marek (Kirill Emelyanov), form a friendship born out of loneliness, fear and excitement. Though it might be considered an unorthodox relationship by some, the duo combats their own issues along with outside forces that try to tear them apart. Eastern Boys is a stunning film about love, acceptance and the people we choose to be a part of our family circle.

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Image: Kirill Emelyanov and Olivier Rabourdin star in “Eastern Boys.” Photo Credit: First Run Features.