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June 16, 2011

Embracing the Bikini

June 16, 2011


June 16, 2011

As a Black woman I think that I, like other Black women hold the sole authority on our hair and any subject regarding our hair whether its going natural, chemical application, weaves etc. Even when Black men begin to get too invested and opinionated with regards to our hair it becomes a sticky situation and usually means that their gonna get the side eye from me. Let me just go ahead and say it. I AM A WEAVE-AHOLIC I love me some weave 12-14 inches curly, wavy or straight Indian, Brazilian, or Malaysian. I am also relaxed and shall remain that way indefinitely. This is not to say that I am against natural hair. I think that natural hair is freakin GORGEOUS two of my besties are rocking their natural hair and i must say honey it is FIERCE. I had my natural hair until I was 12 years old and ever since then ive been bathing my tresses in a chemical bath of relaxer. Admittedly, I do have some personal hair issues. My mama (may she rest in peace, I love you mommy) always had long gorgeous hair before she got sick and I just never had the luxury of having that. No one in my immediate family ever really knew how to take care of hair very well so I basically rocked hella french braids in my childhood, I graduated to microbraids and then to kinky twist, put the creamy crack in and then in college I discovered the sew in weave. I am in no way embarrassed by my “real” hair. I take very good care of it, its a nice grade and its usually between shoulder and neck length. But to be real, its just not my swag. I let my “real” hair swing free for about a month or so every time I take out a weave but I must admit I’m always anxious to braid it up again. Weaves just make me feel good, i like them and they stay looking right so I’m personally offended by anyone who attacks me or any other woman for choosing to wear them. This especially rings true when it comes to Black men who act like weave offends them. Or who try to convince their significant other not to do what makes her happy (can you say CONTROL issues). Everyone of course is entitled to their preferences and opinions. I personally do not think grown men should rock braids but, if that’s their swag then go for it i’m certainly not going to attack the brother or try and change him, My preferences is simply for dudes with fades. It also confuses me when other women attack one another for doing what they want with their OWN hair. Frankly its not your damn business and your focus should only be whats atop your own hair. All this is just to say that it is JUST HAIR, nothing more, nothing less. I watched my mama lose all of her hair to breast cancer, all of that beautiful hair that i admired all of my life. But you know what? My mama was still Fierce bald head and all (she refused to wear wigs she said they made her hot…literally). I’m going to end this post by recommending Chris Rock’s Good Hair. I know some Black women were offended by what he said in the film. Personally I dont understand why, its really not that serious and I thought it was HIGHliarious. Whatever you want to do with your hair just make sure you look damn good doing it
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