Rip the Runway 2012 :)

March 9, 2012

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

March 9, 2012

I Can’t!!!!!!!!!! Episode 4

March 9, 2012
Rip the Runway 2012
Trayvon Martin
Brian Atwood Pumps
How could you sacrifice these for a fifthly dirty little boy?

Tragically last week I was on Saturday night 24 hour duty for my lovely dorm….*side eye*. But alas it comes with the free housing and meal plan. Anyways, it was about 1:15 in the morning and I was making my rounds. I get to one of the last floor when of course music was blasting down the hallway. Now this is usually over and done with really swiftly, but of course some of these imbeciles, being an extra special flavor of tea had to take forever to come to the door. I was immediately pissed because I was trying to watch The Preacher’s Wife and eat my leftover salmon croquettes, mac and cheese greens and cornbread. So anywhoo this fool comes to the door and I barge in. He tries to be smart and have a little attitude  so I had to promptly READ him before evaluating the situation. I look around this foul little room and despite the fact that the lights are out I can see that the floor is COVERED in filth. There was crumbled up Styrofoam, empty beer bottles, the freaken works. Anyway I’m disgusted and I ask the boy is anyone else here, as I start making my way to the back room, the kid starts panicking and another kid (dressed in a full suit) pops out. So I’m talking to both of them about how foul the room is and that they should not be blasting music loud enough for the entire building to hear and I figure out that neither one of these fools lives in the building when I hear something move. Of course I barge past them and turn on the lights in the back room. I SWEAR TO YOU. Like seven scantly clad girls (wearing epic shoes I must say, I peeped some Jeffery Campbell’s, Louboutins and Sam Edelmen and Brian Atwood’s) stumbled out of the fifthly room. Shall I clock the ways of how terribly ridiculous this situation is?
You’re a grown ass woman (18-19years old) but still old enough to know better. And you would dare go to some nasty negro ‘s room(negro being a universal term for all little boys) and subject your perfect shoes let alone your body to lying on the a disgusting floor. Let’s not even get into the stench of this place. Basically I can’t. Come on ladies let’s just have a morsel more respect for ourselves or at the very least our shoe-wear. You need to do better.  I really CAN’T.  Two more months and I’m done with this ridiculousness.
xoxoxo Chocolate Girl In the City xoxoxox