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December 5, 2016

Review: Denzel Washington & Viola Davis Honor August Wilson In A Stunning Adaptation Of August Wilson’s ‘Fences’

December 5, 2016

Interview: Shemar Moore Talks Taking The Reigns As Producer For His Newest Film ‘The Bounce Back’

December 5, 2016

After saying goodbye to “Criminal Minds” earlier this year, actor Shemar Moore is stepping into a new role, funding and producing his first feature film, “The Bounce Back.” Moore stars alongside Nadine Velazquez and Bill Bellamy in this warm, romantic comedy about love, intimacy, and second chances. Moore recently chatted with me about his new role as a producer, what inspired him to step behind the scene, the current state of independent filmmaking and what’s next for him.

Aramide Tinubu: Hi Shemar how are you?

Shemar Moore: Hi sweetheart, thanks for taking the time.

AT: For sure, I loved “The Bounce Back,” I thought it was really warm, it felt like a romance novel to me.

SM: You had me at “I love it.” It’s so nice to hear that it’s being well received. It’s a good time. I always say that it’s a fun-filled good movie.

AT: It is! It definitely felt like you could cozy up and watch it either by yourself or with your loved one. It was a special treat. What was it about this film that inspired you to put your money where your mouth is and get on board as an executive producer?

SM: Well, I knew about the script about ten years ago.

AT: Oh wow, so it’s been a long-time coming.

SM: Yes, but, the timing of where I was ten years ago, I was still getting my feet wet and getting my standing with getting “Criminal Minds” off the ground. I did “Criminal Minds” since day one so ten years ago wasn’t the right time. But then, life went on, and I knew a few years ago that a transition was coming and I was going to want to take the next step in my career. So, I just began looking for projects out there that I could be a part of. I’d never produced before, but I thought to myself that it seemed like just attention to detail, and I felt like I could have a knack for it. It’s just understanding content, understanding stories, knowing how to put people and pieces together, and how to tell a story. To be honest, before the executive producer hat got put on, I actually ran the script around town seeing which studios and distribution companies were interested.

AT: Really, what was that like?

SM: I would either get no response, or I would get a lukewarm response where they would like the idea, but they wanted to find the “right time” to make the movie. So it just seemed to be this slow, stalled process, so I just kind of sat with myself and I talked to some people that I trust, and I was like, “OK, what other avenues can I consider?” That’s when the Kickstarter and the Indiegogo thing came up. It was just my way of putting feelers out there to see if there was any demand or interest in it. My loyal fan base, I love them to death, I call them my homies and baby girls, they really stepped up to the plate and through Kickstarter and Indiegogo in just over a month we raised $630,000.

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Image: The Bounce Back/Viva Films