‘Scandal’ Winter Finale Recap: “Where the Sun Don’t Shine”

November 22, 2014

Pretty in Pink: Pearl Earrings from Pearl & Clasp

November 22, 2014


November 22, 2014
Holiday decorations at the Time Warner building

My therapist asked me the other day if I was staving off a depression. “No, I replied. I don’t think so.” That was several days ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I’ve been feeling tired lately, like I wanted to sleep for 1,000 years. I haven’t been working out like I should be which I believe is part of it.  But “depression,” the word always feels so extreme to me.

The truth is I enjoy my life; love it really. Are there things that I’m dissatisfied with? Of course, but I’m generally happy and enthusiastic. These last couple of weeks in particular has really reaped some fantastic opportunities for me, doing things that I absolutely adore. Plus I got two free coffees (life is GRAND).

So why am I so tired? Why the exhaustion? Perhaps I need to start eating meat again on a regular basis. Maybe it’s winter time, and the fact that it’s dark at noon is killing my vibe.  Perhaps I just need a good run, or maybe it’s the idea of getting through another Holiday season without my parents. In actuality I think I’m not quite over the stress and anxiety of this past summer, and  it is finally catching up with me mentally.

The thing is, even if I am staving off a depression I hope I can continue to keep it at bay. I’m starting to get some real traction, I just need the motivation to press forward.

Friends tonight, gym tomorrow.

xoxoxox Chocolate Girl in the City xoxoxoxo