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February 7, 2012

What Whitney Meant To Me

February 7, 2012

My Hunger Games Addiction

February 7, 2012
I Will Follow
Whitney Houston
The Hungar Games

Ever since coming to college, I have dreaded reading. Like literally dreaded it! I would clean my room and do all my laundry before I could bring myself to sit down and read something that was assigned to me. I have become one of those college students who reads the first page of everything and then reads the first and last sentence of every paragraph thereafter. This all changed last week when I realized that I forgot to change my address on Netflix so all of my DVD’s are being sent to my daddy in Chicago while I’m in NYC (Smh, story of my life). Anywhoo, my lovely brother brought me the Kindle Fire for Christmas, and sadly though I had rented The Hunger Games at the end of December, I’d been using the precious device to mostly play Angry Birds.

My Love:)

But alas, for whatever reason last week I recalled that I use to adore reading, so much to the point where my mother would take books from me when I was on punishment. (I was a lovely non-problematic child). Maybe it was the fact that The Vampire Diaries was on hiatus or the fact that I only have two classes but something made me pull out my kindle and begin to read. Ten pages in I was hooked.
The story is set in post apocalypse-North America and I know that sounds wack especially if you are a boogie Black girl like myself. But I promise its the SHIT.  I won’t go to further into what happens because its a teen novel so it takes two hours to read. Anyway educate yourself and read it before the film comes out March 23rd. After that you’ll have time to read the sequals. Trust me you’ll thank me later. My only complaint is that because the books are “young adult” they are as dirty as they should be 😉

xoxoxo Chocolate Girl xoxoxoxox
PS: I’ve been on a health kick so I suppose instead of overeating this and Ritz Chips have become my new obsessions.


PPS: The white boys in the film are cuties which makes it even better.