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Franchesca Ramsey And Director Kaitlin Fontana On The Comedy Docuseries, ‘Franchesca’ (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - February 1, 2018

Franchesca Ramsey is returning to her roots. The ever-poised and polished YouTuber is dressed in bright colors and sports and a bold lip in the midst of the grey and white background of Sundance Film Festival. The comedian, YouTuber, journalist, actress and producer has returned to the film festival for the second year in a row with her new comedy docuseries, aptly titled Franchesca (at least for …

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Producer Datari Turner Talks Bringing ‘A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.’ To Life (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - January 29, 2018

We’re taught to lean into to love — to let dreams and possibilities consume us. The paralyzing fear the comes with jumping in head first is rarely explored. However, Qasim Basir strips down the fairytale with his gorgeously shot A Boy. A Girl. A Dream. Omari Hardwick and Meagan Good stand at the center of the film as Cass and Frida, two strangers spiraling toward one …

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Condola Rashad And Screenwriter Marcus Hinchey Talk ‘Come Sunday’ (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - January 28, 2018
Come Sunday

Capturing years and decades of a lifetime, and squeezing them in a two-hour time span seems almost impossible. For screenwriter Marcus Hinchey, it was something he felt compelled to do. Eight years ago, Hinchey was on a flight from Los Angeles to New York when he began listening to a 2005 episode of NPR’s This American Life. The episode he’d chosen was entitled “Heretics,” and followed …

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Boots Riley And The Cast Of ‘Sorry To Bother You’ On The Bold, Whimsical Film (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - January 25, 2018
Sorry To Bother You_The MACRO Lodge_2

There are plenty of films with commentary surrounding race, commodification, self-worth, and what it means to be normal. However, none of those films have been as strange, compelling and masterful as Boots Riley’s debut feature film; Sorry to Bother You. As Riley said bluntly in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, “I’m not good at sounding like somebody else or doing what someone else does.” Starring …

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Jason Mitchell On ‘TYREL’ And Refusing To Conform (Sundance Interview)

Aramide Tinubu - January 23, 2018

It’s freezing in Park City, Utah, but Jason Mitchell is unphased by the brisk windchill and unending slow flurries. The 31-year-old’s career is continually rising, and it shows in his upbeat attitude. His performance on the Lena Waithe helmed The Chi is garnering rave reviews, but Mitchell is at Sundance for another project entirely. In TYREL, the New Orleans native stars as Tyler, a young man who takes …

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Why Is There No Black Press At The Sundance Film Festival?

Aramide Tinubu - January 22, 2018
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.26.01 PM

Sundance is the most prominent film festival in North America with thousands of films screening each year. This year, Black representation in the programming slate has been explosive. From projects like Sorry to Bother You, Blindspotting, Hale County: This Morning, This Evening, Two Dope Queens, Francesca and many others, there are so many projects to screen and write about — effectively putting them on the world’s radar before many of them …

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‘Crime + Punishment’ Reveals Devastating Problems With No Easy Answers (Sundance Review)

Aramide Tinubu - January 22, 2018
Crime + Punishment - Still 1

With a population of over eight million people, New York City also boasts the biggest police force in the country. Over 36,000 men and women wield badges in the city, and though crime has gone down overall, the most impoverished communities with the highest minority populations and crime rates continually feel the weight and pressure of the police on their backs. In Crime + Punishment, director …

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Stellar Performances Carry ‘Night Comes On’ (Sundance Review)

Aramide Tinubu - January 21, 2018

Our society continually fails Black women. As a result, we’re forced to choke back our emotions and vulnerabilities, often turning to anger to cope. Ironically we’re then met with disdain or annoyance. Hurt, pain, and anger can be all-consuming, no one is disputing that. It can fester, stifling the people we are meant to become because we choose to hold on to past injustices. And …

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‘Monsters and Men’ Is Magnificent And Profound (Sundance Review)

Aramide Tinubu - January 20, 2018

We often forget that as human beings we are interconnected. No one has a singular experience, good or bad that doesn’t directly affect those closest to them. With everything that is happening in society today, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated. The perils of the world seem to weigh us all down, and we fail to be vulnerable and find comfort in others. Reinaldo …

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Daveed Diggs’ ‘Blindspotting’ Is Electrifying (Sundance Review)

Aramide Tinubu - January 20, 2018
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.06.18 PM

It’s not often that films can teeter on that fine line between comedy and drama perfectly. It’s a difficult balance, gaining the audiences’ trust through humor and wit only to shift so swiftly to say something profound about life and the experiences of being human. Hamilton alum Daveed Diggs and his writing partner Rafael Casal manage to do this flawlessly, hitting the audience squarely in the gut …

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