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‘BlacKkKlansman’ Proves John David Washington Has Always Been Working Towards This Moment

Aramide Tinubu - August 8, 2018

As I enter the room, John David Washington is near the window seated comfortably on a lounger, and he’s quiet. The breakout star is staring introspectively out of the window onto the sunny street overlooking Central Park. As I step through the threshold of the room, Washington smiles and stands. Ever the gentleman, he greets me and gestures toward another chair waiting for me to …

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‘BlacKkKlansman’ Is Spike Lee’s Most Blunt, Bold And Boisterous Film

Aramide Tinubu - August 7, 2018

Legendary director Spike Lee brings retired detective Ron Stallworth’s memoir to life in his piercing new film BlacKkKlansman. An engrossing adaption of Stallworth’s induction as the first black police officer in the Colorado Springs Police Department, the film follows his first year on the force where Stallworth would find himself entangled in a case that would help humiliate the Ku Klux Klan. Set in the late ’70s …

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Blindspotting with Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal: Electrifying Oakland, Their Decade-Long Process and Storytelling

Aramide Tinubu - July 17, 2018

A raw and eye-opening commentary on race, gentrification and manhood, Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal’s astounding Blindspotting electrifies Oakland on the big screen. The writing partners and childhood friends’ moving narrative is helmed by first-time feature filmmaker Carlos López Estrada. The story follows two men – best friends Collin (Diggs) and Miles (Casal) – a misfit pair trying to navigate the ever-changing landscape of their hometown. With …

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Situationships, Sex And Shenanigans: Our Predictions For Season 3 Of ‘Insecure’

Aramide Tinubu - July 16, 2018

After an emotionally tumultuous and eye-opening season 2 of Insecure, the critically acclaimed series is set to drop its third season on August 12. This time it looks like Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) are entering their dirty thirties with the same ol’ shenanigans. Season 2 was the final nail in the coffin in Issa and Lawrence’s (Jay Ellis) relationship, and from what Ellis has …

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‘Sorry To Bother You’ Is Sharp, Surreal And Brilliantly Biting

Aramide Tinubu - July 9, 2018
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At present, the future isn’t looking all that bright, and if we examine the alternative universe in Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You, the near future looks even less promising. Set in Oakland, Riley’s whimsically boisterous satire focuses on Cassius Green (excellently portrayed by Lakeith Stanfield). Broke and desperate, Cassius is living in his uncle Sergio’s (Terry Crews) garage, aimlessly trying to find his purpose in life. …

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You Can’t Call Yourself A Black Cinephile If You Haven’t Seen These 21 Films

Aramide Tinubu - July 6, 2018
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With long summer days upon us and fewer television shows to choose from, now is the time to dive into the archives of Black cinema. From Oscar Micheaux’s 20th-century silent work to Marlon Riggs’ excellent documentary that cracked open the Black queer narrative in cinema to our more recent cherished films like Black Panther and Get Out, there is so much to explore in Black directed and Black …

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‘Whitney’ Is Sobering But Lacks A Fresh Perspective

Aramide Tinubu - July 3, 2018
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Whitney Houston’s voice was almost otherworldly; there’s no denying it. Her legacy, though fraught with pain and tragedy, will never be erased. There has been much speculation about Houston, her career and the addictions that eventually led to her death, and now in the documentary film Whitney, Houston’s family and director Kevin Macdonald are presenting their account of the late idol’s life. Much of the film …

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Omari Hardwick Talks ‘Real to Reel,’ Legacy And ‘Power’: “I Would Love People To Say I Made Myself At Home In This Industry”

Aramide Tinubu - June 20, 2018
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At his core, Omari Hardwick is a storyteller. While many folks met him in Ava DuVernay’s stellar 2011 film I Will Follow and then, of course, as the stoic drug kingpin Ghost in Starz’s Power, Hardwick’s journey in the entertainment industry spans nearly two decades. Throughout his career, his work has covered almost every genre across multiple mediums and platforms. Presently, he’s busier than ever. Power returns for a fifth …

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Oprah Winfrey, Mara Brock Akil And Michele Weaver On ‘Love Is__,’ Heartache And Lessons Learned

Aramide Tinubu - June 19, 2018

Black women aren’t often given the opportunity to tell our love stories publicly. Instead, our courtships, regrets, and lustful encounters are whispered about amongst our girlfriends. Epic love stories — the ones that we see in movie theaters or on TV screens are typically reserved for white women, while advice from male “relationship experts,” and unfounded statistics are strewn across social media platforms and news …

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Mara Brock Akil And Salim Akil Talk Their Seductive New Show ‘Love Is ___’ With Series Leads Will Catlett & Michele Weaver

Aramide Tinubu - June 19, 2018
Love is" EP104B, March 20, 2018

Love stories were made for the screen. There is a magic that comes with falling, diving in head first, and allowing yourself to become connected and enraptured with another soul. In romance films, the audience is pulled under quickly, caught up in the first mesmerizing moments of desire and lust. However, television allows artists and audiences to unpack the nuances of love. We are able …

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