November 24, 2014

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November 24, 2014

Pretty in Pink: Pearl Earrings from Pearl & Clasp

November 24, 2014

Lately I’ve been a bit of a tomboy. As someone who didn’t even wear pants for the past several years, this has been a huge change for me. Tims and jeans have pretty much become my uniform. However, I’ve been trying to get out of my fashion rut and get back in touch with my girly girl side, which is why I was excited when Pearl & Clasp reached out to me to review a pair of their genuine pearl earrings.
I chose the 9mm Button Freshwater earrings which come in white, black and pink. I chose the pink because I thought they would be different and really pop against my dark brown skin. I didn’t want anything too traditional. When I received the earrings I was pleasantly surprised, they were a beautiful spin on a classic earring. I wore them several times over the past week and they are extremely versatile.
The first day I wore them with a colorful shirt and jeans to work. They were the perfect compliment to my mostly dark ensemble. They also worked really well with the long side braid that I’d created for the day. 
Later on in the week I had a dressy event to attend. I wore a cheetah print dress, which I would normally pair with gold accessories. Instead, I reached for my pink pearls again. The iridescent shimmer of the pink earrings worked magnificently with my cheetah dress, gold necklace and hot pink nail polish. I would have never thought to place them together, but I discovered the earrings added something different to the ensemble.

By the end of the weekend, I was back in my over-sized sweater, top bun and Tims, but the pink pearls stayed with me. An elegant reminder of this pseudo tomboy’s girly-girl roots.

The pink pearl earrings and tons of other stunning genuine pearl jewelry can be found at Pearl & Clasp.
xoxoxo Chocolate Girl in the City xoxoxoxo