Interview: Chatting w/ Morris Chestnut About Heading to TV to Star in Fox’s New Series, ‘Rosewood’

September 23, 2015

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September 23, 2015

Review: Fox’s ‘Rosewood’ Is Vibrant, Flashy and a Whole Lot of Fun

September 23, 2015
Morris Chestnut New York Rosewood Screening

With so many medical dramas on television, it seems nearly impossible for one show to stick out over the others. For an audience to stay hooked, a show must have gripping storylines and captivating characters that will entice viewers to tune in week after week. Fox’s “Rosewood” has these elements and so much more. Gorgeously shot and saturated with the vibrant colors of Miami, “Rosewood” follows Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr.; played brilliantly and humorously by veteran actor Morris Chestnut. Rosewood is a private pathologist who likes to insert himself and his unbridled knowledge about corpses into the Miami homicide department’s most troubling cases, much to the chagrin of the members of the police department.

Though Rosewood comes off as annoying at first, his charm and charisma (which Chestnut has mastered), softens not only the other characters he interacts with, but the audience as well. Rosewood is an extremely complex character and many of his various sides are yet to be seen. It’s clear that he enjoys life and wants everyone around him to do so as well, despite having his own haunting demons.

Structured similarly to Fox’s long running show “Bones”, Rosewood meets his match in an unlikely partnership with Detective Annalise Villa; a role played so ferociously by relative newcomer, Jania Lee Ortiz that it’s clear she’s destined for great things. Like Rosewood, Detective Villa is not quite who she appears to. The chemistry between the actors and the push and pull of their characters’ relationship keeps the show churning at a delicious pace.

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