‘Scandal’ – “The State of The Union” Recap (Season 4, Ep 2)

October 10, 2014

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October 10, 2014

‘Scandal’ Epsiode 403 Recap: David Rosen Finally Learns That in Order to Be a Real Winner, You Have to Be a Goon

October 10, 2014

It seems that despite all of backlash from the Republicans, David has been officially been named United States Attorney General. This concession from the Conservatives does not mean that they are willing to give up their right to bare arms. Not at all! Even with Fitz’s moving State of the Union address, David is not faring well on the gun control bill. That is until he decides to get a little dirty, and put some of the information Jake turned over to him to use. More on that later.

In other news, Cyrus has let Michael the Male Escort turn him out. This is extremely disturbing to me because even though I know Cyrus is heartbroken and lonely, he’s usually able to spot foolishness like this coming from a mile away. Not only did he let the man call him “sweet” but he also paid him  $2500 + gratuity for his favors. (I guess to replace that dry lump in his throat with something more “satisfying”….ummm no comment.)  That MBA/Business school line was for the birds. This smells like a setup from a mile away, and as much of a Monster as Cyrus can be, I really did not want to see him be the demise of the Grant Administration.

Poor Mellie seems to be doing better this week; she’s graduated from her robe to an oversized sweater. She also seems to be seeking out some way to contribute to society.  It’s almost tragic really. Even before her son’s death,  I think that Mellie was constantly trying to find her place, discovering how she would be useful as the First Lady.  She takes the case of the “Killer Cliff Bride” using all of the resources at her disposal, only to humiliate herself and revert back into her depression. I’m going to really need Shonda to let Mellie have her due because this is getting sadder and sadder by the week.

Olivia once again finds herself trapped between two men. This time it’s Papa Pope and Jake. I really need Liv and Abby to make up because at the point when Liv is bringing her crazy daddy coffee, and doing Sunday Dinners at his house with Jake, her gut is really not working.  Also, Jake has come to play. He knows all about Papa Pope’s role in Fitz’s son and Harrison’s death and he’s out for blood. Shit can and shall hit the fan I’m sure. A war is coming.

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