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October 17, 2014

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October 17, 2014

‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: The Show That We Once Worshiped Has Returned!

October 17, 2014

Shonda has given us our “Scandal” back! She’d been giving us “Scandal Lite” for the past few weeks, but it was all building up to something.  After last night not only has the Scandal that we worship returned, but Ms. Olivia Pope herself has finally shown up!

The show opens with Jake in some back alleyway looking real shiftless and suspicious. If you recall, the last time Jake was roaming around in the dark he ended up murdering James. Anyway, I was correct, the man was up to no good because he promptly blows up a car.

Shortly thereafter, he shows up at Liv’s and for once she seems to be paying him some mind.  She attempts for genuine and normal conversation. (Girl what?! I thought you and Jake had an understanding and “talking” had nothing to do with it.)  Jake’s zoned out anyway, he’s completely consumed with this whole Rowan situation. Of course when he finally decides to come clean to Olivia about her father’s involvement in Gerry and Harrison’s deaths, she has not one second for him and rushes out of the house on assignment.

Liv’s mysterious phone call turns out to be Karen Grant, the President’s daughter. Ya’ll she is both drunk and high, laid out in some frat house bedroom in her drawers. Quinn is not amused. (Karen is such a cliché, but I will give the girl some credit, she was able to slip her secret service detail.)
Anyway Liv slips into fixer mode and gets the girl out of the party unnoticed, disturbing poor Cyrus from twenty- five hundred dollar Male Escort Michael in the process.  (It was rather dope when Huck shut down all of the cell service in the party so no one could video Karen’s walk of shame.) Now of course this isn’t the end of this saga, because that really wouldn’t be much of a scandal.

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