‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 5 Recap: A Tad Lackluster, Especially in Comparison to Last Week’s

October 31, 2014

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October 31, 2014

‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: “The Truth is Like the Sun, It’ll Always Come Out”

October 31, 2014

I knew this episode of “Scandal” was going to be epic when it opened with The Isley Brothers’ “Summer Breeze”. Let me tell ya’ll that it did not disappoint.

Olivia has gotten back into the habit of swimming. If you recall that’s how she coped when she and Fitz stopped speaking when he discovered her part in the election fraud.  Jake’s fate is still undetermined and she’s having nightmares about him, Fitz and her daddy.

Liv and Abby have come to some sort of a truce after Abby arrives to Liv’s house and finds her in shambles over Jake’s MIA status.  Pained to see Olivia in such a state, Abby puts on her big girl panties and goes to confront Fitz. She bursts in to the Oval Office and tells Fitz, “ I need to talk to you about Jake Ballard.” Fitz tries to intimidate her but then she says, “ I’m not asking the Commander in Chief. I’m asking the married man who use to sleep with my friend what exactly he has done with the man she is currently sleeping with.”  #WHELP Fitz tries to play her by calling her Gabby but this is ABBY’S season and she’s coming for him Gladiator-style.

Despite all of the drama, Olivia’s personal life must be put on the backburner because there are things that need to be handled.  Former President Edward Cooper has died and the man who was convicted of attempting to assassinate him wants desperately to clear his name. Now that Cooper is dead, the bullet still lodge in his head can be extracted for further examination. The convicted assassin is convinced the bullet will help clear his name.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is apparently getting it REAL good. Mr. Beene is over here trying to play Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.  Male Escort Michael has got him so worked up that he’s offering to put him up in an apartment and open bank accounts.  Cyrus is even late for work letting himself be all vulnerable and exposed. I’m not here for this Mr. Beene! He knows good and well that Fitz can’t run the country without him. I’m going to need him to pull it together.

While Cyrus is off tickling his fancy, the Gladiators are working two cases… (well Olivia and Quinn are working, Huck is obsessively playing a video game.)  Though Olivia’s friend’s murder case isn’t at the forefront, Huck and Quinn have discovered that the swallowed key goes to a locker. They just have to figure out what locker it is. Liv has also decided to take the convicted assassin case, in an attempt to establish the man’s innocence.  The Gladiators figure out that in order to get the bullet, they most get the attorney general to charge the attempted assassin with murder.

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