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November 7, 2014

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November 7, 2014

‘Scandal’ Season 4, Episode 7 Recap: Yahtzee!

November 7, 2014

Ever since Liv told him that there was “hope”, Fitz has been trying to get back into her good favor. He’s taken to calling her again in the late hours of the night, serving her with his best dirty talk. Olivia isn’t having it AT ALL, she doesn’t want to speak with Fitz about anything other than Jake’s well-being. Until, Fitz can give her further information, there will be no hope at all. (Of course, Fitz is sloppy and about as discreet as a neon sign, so Mellie catches him on the phone with Liv.)
After discovering, that someone has been following Liv,  Quinn goes to confront, Jeremy Winslow, the husband of her friend Catherine who is currently in jail after being framed for her daughter’s murder. Quinn doesn’t get much out of him, he simply warns her that no one can stop what’s coming. He subsequently shoots himself in the head.

It’s a new day, which means there is a new scandal in Washington. It seems that Virginia senator Lewis McDonald enjoys engaging in paraphilic infantilism; diaper included.  He promptly resigns his seat, which leaves Fitz to endorse another candidate. Because she’s still outside of the president’s circle, Abby is blind sighted when she’s told at the press conference that the candidate is Charles “Chip” Putney. Chip is Abby’s ex-husband who liked to use her face as his own personal punching bag during their marriage. (I felt so terrible for Abby. I thought that with the information she gave Cyrus last week, he would have at least thrown her a bone every now and then.) The White House’s new “fixer, our favorite Leo Burgen, is backing Chip’s candidacy.

Meanwhile at OPA, Huck is still playing video games with his son. The boy invites him to an arcade to play in person.  Olivia seems to be spiraling out of control, determined to get into super max prison, she’s frantically calling David Rosen who refuses to answer her phone calls.

At 1600 Pennsylvania, Abby enters the Oval Office to speak with Fitz only to see Chip standing there. She’s cool, calm and collected. Abby smiles at Chip and tells everyone that they used to be married. On the way back to her office she vomits on herself and calls Olivia to bring her another dress.  Abby tries to convince Liv that it’s ok and that she can handle his presence once again in her life. Liv isn’t having it. She tells Abby it’s “NOT” ok and she’s determined that Chip will not win his seat on the senate.

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