Why I’m Possibly One Of The Most Dramatic People You WIll Ever Meet

July 1, 2011

You Change and You Grow, But We Were Young And We Didn’t Know. (Why Being Single Is Ok and Sometimes Necessary)

July 1, 2011

So Now All Black Women Are Angry?

July 1, 2011
I May Be Dramatic
Love Jones
Angry Black Woman

I saw a status on facebook this morning on my way to work. It read, “Great, another angry black woman on the train…just what I need.” I decided then and there that the “angry black woman” subject was something I wanted to discuss. To be real i don’t know any “angry” Black women and I know ALOT of Black women. I’ve come across some bitter people in my time but bitterness is universal there is nothing racial about it. It disturbed me to read this status because it was written by a young Black male  whose mother probably raised him. It seems to me that because he had one poor encounter with a Black women, as soon as he sees one that may be having a less than stellar day he labels all of us as bitter and angry. Let me just say that I definitely don’t consider myself to be angry or even bitter.  I will say, that I have felt bitter at certain points in my life but I’ve been through a lot so I think that I had a right to those moments. It seems to me that men, like the particular guy who wrote the status, either don’t like when women stick up for themselves or they’ve sadly brought into the media’s and Tyler Perry’s stereotypes of Black women. (Obviously these are characters). Instead of admitting that their male pride was threatened because a woman (possibly a Black women) said something they did not like or agree with they choose to place all Black women in the same category.

Later at work I had another disturbing encounter that tested the “angry black woman” theory on me personally. We were at the beach and the weather was gradually getting worse. The head of  the lifeguards at the beach (who was a 45 year old Black man) approached me and a coworker to ask who was running the event. I politely pointed out the man who was running it, and I attempted to reassure the lifeguard man that we were not letting any children go near the water. Before I could even finish what I was saying the man stuck his hand in my face (yes this grown ass man who was all of 5 ft tall gave me the “talk to the hand”) and ran off to my male co-worker. Flabbergasted, I stood there in shock with my hands on my hips and my mouth open. I chose not to be unprofessional and yell at the man, but when he approached me again I surely walked away. This would not have been the reaction of choice for many other women no matter what their race. No one has a right to disrespect another person in that manner, being disrespected can very well warrant an angry response, that does not mean that someone has an “angry”. I would say to that person with this particular status, it is well known that you prefer women of different races and that is totally your right and your choice. However, please do not give black women labels to simply justify your actions. Be with who you want to be with, but grow some balls and realize that women will stick up for themselves in whatever fashion they feel is necessary. Or maybe you should open your horizons and begin meeting different types of women from different types of backgrounds. Its your own fault if you stay in the same few square miles, of course you’re going to continue to see the same characters.

People come from many different circumstances and many of them have reasons to be upset with things that have occurred in their lives. It takes a lot of strength and work to be a positive person the majority of the time, and its something you work at on a daily basis

I’m not gonna post a bitter status like “here come some bum ass Black dude tryna talk to me” every time one does because all Black men aren’t bums so I’m not going to imply that they are.