Hayden 10: What Really Went Down :)

June 6, 2012

50 Shades of Grey and My Thoughts on “Feminism”

June 6, 2012

So When Are You Gonna Take Me Out?

June 6, 2012
Fifty Shades

“if the Dog from Lady and the Tramp had his bi*** eating Italian, a grown ass man can afford to take you out of the neighborhood.”-Black Girls Are Easy

So I’m not gonna sit here and lie like, I’ve never been the come over and chill girl. Luckily, it was at one point in my life when I was 18 and dating this dude that wasn’t worth the lint in my belly button so I was able to figure out that life wasn’t for me pretty early in life. I’ve never been the type of girl to feel like I needed a dude or even attention from a dude. I’m not gonna front and act like I don’t like it because obviously everyone wants to know that someone is attracted to them or interested in them. After that “relationship” FINALLY ended I didn’t talk to a dude for well over six months. And when I did, I talked to this dude who took me out, cooked for me and who was tryna see me everyday. Now it lasted about a summer before we both got annoyed with each other, I was headed back to NYC and I guess he was tired of putting in work without… well you know. But whatever, I was going through some things and I had other things on my mind. That was two summers ago and I haven’t been on a date since him. (Aside from this dry ass dude who took me out to dinner in October and who was so dull I nearly fell asleep at the table.)  Dating that last dude taught me a valuable lesson, if a 21 year old college dude can wine and dine me, that a grown ass man surely can. There is no excuse in the world that I should accept. I’ve had dudes try to play me when they got my number asking me to come over, so on an so forth. Once I politely suggested going out, some never spoke to me again  and one ignorant negro even suggested that if we were gonna go out then I’d have to pay my own way. As I’ve said previously, I can always take myself out and I do quite often, so why then should I sit through some dull ass conversation with a stingy ignorant mf, when I still have to pay my own way. SMH.  Obviously I would love a companion, my Love Jones DVD is quite run down and there’s only so many times I can sit at home with my Daddy and watch PBS renditions of Pride and Prejudice. I have enough time most evening to paint my nails a variety of different colors and catch up on several episodes of tv. But these past two years I’ve realized that I’m fairly comfortable just doing me. I refuse to be pressed just lending my time out to any ninja that looks my way. All I know is the next time I’m frustrated or upset with some dude, its not gonna be because I’m all dressed up sitting on his couch eating some stale Wendy’s while he’s playing his playstation. SMH. As for right now, I’m planning my August trip to Jamaica, apartment hunting and saving my money for my 2013 trip to Paris.
As usual, @8plus9 says it better than I ever could:
Dating vs. Come Over and Chill

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