body image

“What I’m Viewing Is A Little Different Than What Your Eyes Show Ya”: On Body Image

Aramide Tinubu - February 6, 2015

A casual-to-moderate gym devotee, I’ve always been intrigued by who goes to the gym. It’s so fascinating to watch what machines people gravitate toward, and which classes are perpetually overcrowded. I was under the impression that you could tell a lot about person by observing these things. But it turns out, the gym floor isn’t where you see people at their most vulnerable, it’s actually …

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Embracing the Bikini

Aramide Tinubu - June 16, 2011

Let me start of by saying, prior to last week the last time I wore a bikini I did not have breasts. And I’ve had a sizable cup size for damn near a decade. I relized after dragging myself back to NYC after a five week long winter break in January that I had gained a few pounds around my midsection. NOT (Tamar Braxton). …

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