Aruba Film Festival Review: ‘Deal With It’ Is a Compelling Documentary About Cycles, Addiction & the Power of Love

Aramide Tinubu - October 14, 2015

Living in New York City, I’ve learned to avoid the drug users as they bellow loudly down the streets of Harlem. I avoid making eye contact with them, seemingly more absorbed in whatever’s on my phone screen or streaming through my ear buds than the human beings right in front of me. They’re forgotten to me by the time I make it to the next block. If criminals and addicts aren’t directly involved in your life, you rarely actually see them. Instead, …

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Aruba Film Fest Interview: Venezuelan Director Fina Torres Talks ‘Liz in September’, Her New Film About Life, Love & New Experiences

Aramide Tinubu - October 14, 2015

More often than not, films that have an illness at the center of them are far too heartbreaking to watch joyfully.  After viewing these films, the audience leaves the theatre with a dark cloud over their heads; still lost in the somber tale as they move throughout the rest of their day. Fina Torres’ “Liz in September” does the opposite. Depicting a masterful story about …

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On the First Anniversary of My Father’s Death

Aramide Tinubu - February 19, 2014

  Death,” she said, “is a great teacher. It reminds you, almost mockingly, that everyone is stamped with an expiration date.”   One year ago today, I got a phone call that I’d been expecting. It’s a strange thing, expecting a phone call like that, expecting death. You can feel it, its been hovering around and you think about it constantly. You try and fight thru …

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I’ve Been Thinkin Bout Ya….

Aramide Tinubu - July 20, 2012
Frank Ocean

This has been really plaguing my mind for some time and I thought I wanted to write about it but I didn’t know how to start or what to write. So when Frank Ocean published his gorgeously written piece “Thank You’s” on his tumblr I thought this was as good a place to start with as any. Let me begin by saying, I love Black …

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My Love Affair With New York City

Aramide Tinubu - August 28, 2011
New York I Love You

A city like New York, where everything’s moving all the time at this constant driving place. Its like a live in organism, breathing and changing and over time your relationship to it becomes like this incredible romance. At first its intoxicating then instant and then slowly it becomes comfortable and safe. You have this cellular connection to it as if you’ve known each other forever …

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