Richard Brooks

Interview: Chatting w/ Tyrese Gibson About His New Film ‘Shame’ & Taking on Darker Roles

Aramide Tinubu - October 12, 2015
Tyrese Gibson, Shame

Shame is a powerful emotion, it aids in secrets, lies and deception. The constant need to cover up humiliation can be overwhelming, causing you to sabotage other aspects of your life. The problem is that secrets can only remain hidden for so long. Tyrese Gibson’s new short film “Shame”; which was produced by Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, embodies all of these emotions. Set in …

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Actor Richard Brooks Talks ‘Being Mary Jane’ and Diversity on the Big and Small Screens

Aramide Tinubu - March 13, 2015

Richard Brooks stars in “Being Mary Jane.” Photo Credit: BET Networks/ Daniel McFadden. What does it mean to hit rock bottom? Is there any way to recover; to gradually rebuild all that you have destroyed on your downward spiral? Typically the freefall is what draws television audiences in, keeping them attached to the screen hour after hour or week after week. And yet on Being …

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