The Deuce

Interview: The cast & creators of ‘The Deuce’ on selling sex, the ’70s and misogyny

Aramide Tinubu - September 9, 2017

Sex is everywhere. From beverage commercials to lipstick ads, hardly anything in popular culture is sold without some semblance of eroticism embedded in it. Since the 1970’s, depictions of sex and sexuality have only gotten raunchier, more explosive and often exploitative. It’s a subject also now stands at the forefront of our society — and yet the way in which we discuss sex and more …

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Gbenga Akinnagbe talks HBO’s ‘The Deuce’ — a series on the porn industry’s rise in ’70s NYC (S&A Fall TV Preview)

Aramide Tinubu - September 8, 2017

George Pelecanos and David Simon — the dynamic team behind HBO’s The Wire and Treme have returned to television with a breathtaking drama. The Deuce is a ’70s set series that follows the rise and legalization of pornography in New York City’s Times Square, once termed ‘The Deuce.’  As always, the creators present a meaty and fully fleshed out cast, encompassing everyone from sex workers, cops, pimps, journalists, mobsters and beyond …

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