Awkward, Strange and Embarrassing Things That Have Happened To This Chocolate Girl

February 7, 2012

I Will Follow: Film Review

February 7, 2012

The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl

February 7, 2012
I'm Awkward and Black
I Will Follow
Awkward Black Girl

So this post is about a day late and a dollar short. However, I just have to write a review about this. Last summer my good friend told me to watch The Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl on Youtube. When I began watching it there were only about five episodes and though they were funny, I sort of forgot about it for a minute. So a few weeks ago, the season finale was posted on Youtube and my girlfriend was like hey, have you watched this yet. So this weekend I finished watching the season and let me just say I screamed with laughter. The show is like The Office, through a Black girls perspective and all of the strange and terrible things that happen  to her on a day to day basis. Some of the best parts of the series are the hilarious raps and the constant references to Black film. The main character J raps, “niggas love me, I’m on my Kim K.” LMAO. Her boyfriend dumps her because she cuts off all of her hair and tells her that he feels gay. (SMH)  In the eight episode, the guy that she is interested in plays the guitar like Terrence Howard does in that scene from the Best Man. (YES JESUS)

 Oh baby wipes how u make me laugh, and yet this is still sexy:)

Basically this is  a must watch in you free time. All of the episode can be found on Youtube. Basically its just very awkward and very dope.

  • Myah Williams

    you will never understand just how much “niggaz” love some Kim K. until you live in el lay (los angeles that is).

  • I could nvr move there lil omg