My Love Affair With New York City

December 16, 2011

My Impromptu Big Chop & Why I Still Lust After Weave

December 16, 2011

The Most Stressful Semester of All Time

December 16, 2011
New York I Love You
Big Chop

So I’m sitting here finally relaxing eating some chicken and rice from the halal cart around the corner (1,400 calories but that’s a discussion for another day). I have one final left and I’ve just completed a rather long paper on Mad Men.

Obsessed, I cannot wait until it comes back 🙂

Exhaustion does not even begin to dictate how I’m feeling and as I’m sitting here I’m really trying to understand, how and the hell did I get through  this semester? I really don’t know why it was so bad. I guess it was a combination of my RA job, my regular job, the internship of death and school. Ah yes on top of that I was applying to grad school at the same time.  Let me just say that being a real person is not cute and I’ve seriously reevaluated my life and decided that as of right now I have no desire to produce smh, especially not for non-scripted television. Its so hard to remain focused when you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, especially when you want to shout at the people surrounding you that their “incompetence is unparalleled”. So as excited as I was to begin this semster it was a shit show 80% of the time. However, the 20% of the time I spent laughing with my loves, or texting my bestie and my sister made up for everything. It even made up for the 8lbs I gained because I was so miserable I counted the minutes until I could escape from my internship to bolt to chipotle like they had the last burritos on earth.

Literally the best ish ever <3

( I only have three more lbs to loose :)) But alas here I am at the the tail end of this mess, I’ve gained back some semblence of sanity and chopped off all my hair (yeah me, rocking a teeny wennie afro)

and I guess all in all I wouldn’t change the disaster that was the past fourteen weeks of my life. I’m back to exercising, back to eating like a normal human being, back to writing my blogs which I truly truly missed.  I have plenty that happened that I need to share so just stick with me and I’ll tell you exactly like it is. In the meantime head over to, you’ll scream with laughter. (Well I do at least).

Chocolate Girl In the City