My Fear Of Being Stuck

January 2, 2012

Not Drowning In My Parents Baggage

January 2, 2012

The Return of The Saber Tooth Tiger

January 2, 2012
Me & My Makers
Sabor Tooth Tiger
The woman is literally old as dirt

Like many young people who live away from home, I ventured back to the city I love for a little “Rest and Relaxation” and family time this Christmas break. I’d been so nuts this semester that I hadn’t really stayed in touch with my family like I should have and I missed them. Now I don’t know how your fam does it, but ever since I can remember we’ve always celebrated together as a big group on Christmas eve. (The 25th is a day strictly for your immediate family) Anywhoo, sister and I arrived over my auntie’s house with a pan of my mama’s prized dip and a cardboard box full of gifts (being the generous gals that we are). Going over to my aunts is a new tradition for us. When I was a petite babe, we use to squeeze into my Big Daddy’s flat on the west side (Best memories ever) and then when he got older and eventually moved to Florida, the Christmas festivities were at my house. Right after Thanksgiving my mama would sprinkle her magic all over the house. We had THREE Christmas trees and we always had a bougie little Christmas party for all of our friends. (My childhood was pretty dope). Even throughout high school, I would look forward to the continuously ringing bell and the droves of family members in my house. But alas, we all grow up and this post is about Christmas 2011. So anywhoo, its a pretty chill xmas, my precious baby cousins are super enthusiastic about the traditional gift opening at midnight and all in all in  was a pretty chill evening, save a few tragic events of course.

All the xmas stuff in my house is Black, my mama even used brown magic marker on some stuff

So I don’t know how I missed this I truly don’t. I think I had still been walking around in a finals coma  and my exhaustion prevented me from connecting the dots.  The Saber Tooth Tiger had come to our Christmas eve festivities  ( Who is the Saber Tooth Tiger? ) Sister connected the dots for me this very evening at dinner. We were all sitting around on Christmas eve watching The Help. Suddenly there was a  terrible whiff of cigarette smoke in the house, (Now you know my auntie does not allow smoking in her house, mind you there are babies and a pregnant woman present). This old hag (who had been quite rude to me earlier when I fixed her a plate), went in my aunties bathroom and smoked a filthy cigarette.  I couldn’t believe it,  how rude can you be?? I shouldn’t be appalled this is the same 89 year old woman who put her lover (My uncle UW) out of her house because he’d taken to ironing too much. (No you did not misread this, she put the man out for excessive ironing). Like I said before, I had seen the old crow sitting at the card table and I had even spoken to her, I simply did not put two and two together.

This is mean….but I still thought it was funny

Other then that, my cousin drooped a baby, Iggy Boy acquired his own leather jacket which he refused to take for the duration of the evening  despite the fact that it was boiling and I yelled at my little cousin for claiming that her mother had come up with my mother’s dip recipe. (It soon occurred to me that it was pointless to argue with an 8yr old)

The evening continued on in a less ridiculous manner, though some of my aunts did ridicule my hair and asked me how I was going to go to work looking so haggard. ( I suppose my poor feelings were a bit hurt as I’ve bought several new pairs of large earrings and am considering getting a custom wig made). Anyway, though family can sometimes be emotionally draining it was great to see them.

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