What’s The 411?: A Black Cinephile’s Guide To Sundance

Aramide Tinubu - January 19, 2018
Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 9.58.14 PM

Film Festivals can be quite bougie. Each year, a ton of them are held across the globe including niche fests with films that tackle a certain genre, and massive ones like those held in Toronto, Cannes, Tribeca and of course, Park City’s Sundance. If you’re the friend in your group who is constantly pressed to get to the theater before the previews roll, or if you’re …

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Exclusive: A Screenwriter’s Paradise — ScreenCraft’s 2017 Retreat in Jamaica

Aramide Tinubu - September 22, 2017

“Nothing is good unless other people say it’s good,” Creed scribe Aaron Covington explained — his voice ringing out in a room full of screenwriters at various stages in their careers. Covington had flown down from Los Angeles to mentor a select group of writers over the course of five days for ScreenCraft’s inaugural retreat at Jakes Treasure Beach in Jamaica. Notebooks and computers were pulled from satchels and handbags as …

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Visiting the Curaçao Set for Ernest Dickerson’s Latest Feature Film ‘Double Play’ Was a Journey Rife With History and Understanding

Aramide Tinubu - January 4, 2016

History is often told through the perspective of those who are in power. So much of what is written erases the experiences of those who are marginalized in society. With his arresting and groundbreaking novel, “Double Play”; Curaçaoan author Frank Martinus Arion gave the world a unique view into the island of Curaçao and its culture. Nearly 45 years after the novel was first published, …

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‘Underground’ Sneak: Heroic Slaves in a Story About Freedom Rarely Told in American History

Aramide Tinubu - November 2, 2015
First-Look Screening of WGN America's UNDERGROUND

Last month I was invited to Memphis, Tennessee to screen the first episode of the WGN Americas’ upcoming series “Underground”. Stepping off the plane and making my way through the airport, I felt as if I had been jolted back in time. Memphis is one of those places that seem to be frozen in a specific era, steps behind other cities across the country; especially …

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Aruba Film Fest: A Morning Spent With Dutch-Aruban Filmmaker Shamira Raphaëla – Her Debut Film, Cycles and Unconditional Love

Aramide Tinubu - October 14, 2015

Shamira Raphaëla is a half-Aruban, half-Dutch television director living in Amsterdam. From the outside, her world seems structured and ordered. She spends her days traveling the world and telling stories from behind her camera lens. However Raphaëla’s 60-year old father, Pempy, and older brother, Andy, live almost parallel lives. Pempy has been addicted to heroine and crack for more than thirty years, and is constantly …

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Aruba Film Festival Review: ‘Deal With It’ Is a Compelling Documentary About Cycles, Addiction & the Power of Love

Aramide Tinubu - October 14, 2015

Living in New York City, I’ve learned to avoid the drug users as they bellow loudly down the streets of Harlem. I avoid making eye contact with them, seemingly more absorbed in whatever’s on my phone screen or streaming through my ear buds than the human beings right in front of me. They’re forgotten to me by the time I make it to the next block. If criminals and addicts aren’t directly involved in your life, you rarely actually see them. Instead, …

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Aruba Film Fest Interview: Venezuelan Director Fina Torres Talks ‘Liz in September’, Her New Film About Life, Love & New Experiences

Aramide Tinubu - October 14, 2015

More often than not, films that have an illness at the center of them are far too heartbreaking to watch joyfully.  After viewing these films, the audience leaves the theatre with a dark cloud over their heads; still lost in the somber tale as they move throughout the rest of their day. Fina Torres’ “Liz in September” does the opposite. Depicting a masterful story about …

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Interview: Chatting w/ Tyrese Gibson About His New Film ‘Shame’ & Taking on Darker Roles

Aramide Tinubu - October 12, 2015
Tyrese Gibson, Shame

Shame is a powerful emotion, it aids in secrets, lies and deception. The constant need to cover up humiliation can be overwhelming, causing you to sabotage other aspects of your life. The problem is that secrets can only remain hidden for so long. Tyrese Gibson’s new short film “Shame”; which was produced by Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, embodies all of these emotions. Set in …

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