If Chivalry is Dead then I’m Embracing the Single Life

June 17, 2011

“Instead of A Cougar She’s A Saber Tooth Tiger” and other Foolishness that Occurs at Family Barbeques

June 17, 2011

Why I Hate Sleepovers and Ketchup Among Other Things

June 17, 2011
So yesterday, around 1am I was lounging in my bed eating a bowl of cream of wheat and a reheated grands biscuit from breakfast while watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent. (Don’t judge I know I’m weird.) Anywhoo, my besties texted me, they were enthralled in one of the Harry Potter flixs at a sleepover and they yelled at me for not being there as I DETESTE sleepovers with all of my might. I promise you I will find a way to get home no matter what the hour or the weather before I willingly spend the night at someone else’s home. Why do you ask? Well let me start from the beginning. My parents as lovely as they are, forbid me to attend sleepovers in my childhood, just like it was forbidden to watch television on the weekdays and PG-13 movies before I was actually thirteen. Back in the day (the 1990’s), I would go to a sleepover and my mama would pick me up just as the other girls were falling asleep. I use to beg and cry and scream and shout and talk about how my life sucked pre-teen angst etc etc. But I got over it eventually. Once I entered high school, the life long ban on sleepovers was lifted, but by then I had no desire to go anyway. I much preferred my own bed, with my bowls of cream of wheat and lipton tea along with my episodes of Dawson’s Creek and Soul Food. On very very rare occasions I am forced out of my comfort zone but that usually means I spend the entire night awake in someone else’s bed, counting down the hours until I can make an excuse to go home. That my friends is why I hate sleepovers.

Ketchup is also just very foul and nasty and I’m not sure why people subject themselves to it. The same can be said for Gweneth Paltrow, Keri Hilson and Kate Hudson (I really don’t understand their purpose in the world). But mayonnaise on the other hand it quite DELISH <3
Whatever tickles your pickle I suppose.
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