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February 15, 2012

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February 15, 2012

Why I Think Chris Brown Should Have Performed At The Grammys & Why My Friends Disagree

February 15, 2012
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****DISCLAIMER: Domestic Violence Is NEVER Acceptable***************
I was happy when I found out that Chris Brown was going to be able to perform at this years Grammy awards, mostly because he’s super talented and he always puts on a good show. After the ceremony country singer Miranda Lambert tweeted that she didn’t understand why he was allowed to perform at all, especially twice.  I disagree, though I do not think that he was given the right punishment for the crime that he committed (it should have been harsher) he did do what was asked in him. Therefore I don’t understand why he should be barred from preforming, which is essentially how he makes a living. Though Chris Brown likes to say ratchet things on twitter and throw chairs out of windows, that’s not really any different from other celebrities do.  Either that or they’re too coked out to function. Personally, I would never want people to harp on a mistake I made last year, let alone three years ago, and I feel that people like to provoke celebrities. No one on this earth wants their past indiscretions to be thrown in their face. Do I think Chris Brown is the best person ever? Of course not but I don’t think he’s the anti-Christ either.  Obviously he has some deep psychological  and emotional problems that he needs to deal with, but as a young woman who has been through shit myself, I’ve come to understand that therapy and things of that nature can only be helpful to you once you personally decide its time for you to seek them out. Obviously, Chris Brown can no longer be seen as a role model, and I don’t think he (or Rhianna for that matter) are trying to be, therefore, I personally have no issue with listening to his music or watching his videos while respecting him solely as an artist. My lovely friend Michael disagrees with me wholeheartedly on my entire position. I must say that after out riveting conversation I see his point though I still disagree. Michael argued that Chris Brown has not proven himself to be a better person since the incident, he continues to go HAM on twitter and basically act poorly in general. He said that he never gave a proper apology and he really hasn’t seemed to have changed since the incident. Micheal also argued that since the incident happened at the Pre-Grammy party in 2009, it was in bad taste that he was allowed to perform at the same event this year. Michael did say that he wouldn’t have been bothered if he had simply attended as a nominee. I argued that, as long as he’s given a proper apology to Rhianna its none of the public’s business,which is why I thought Rhianna talking about it  to Diane Sawyer was kind of strange, though I do agree it was her right . I simply feel like taking away someone’s livelihood and the one thing they love to do is not productive or healthy and that our society in general needs to come up with better and more reformatory repercussions.  At this point I don’t feel like Miranda Lambert sending tweets out is productive to anyone, though she has a right to state her opinion. I also think that we should really reevaluate what we deem as “unforgivable” and how long we should shun people who make mistakes. No one wants to live in a constant state of limbo, at some point we need not to forget but we certainly need to move on.  Finally, I’ll just say that though you might disagree with me, I wouldn’t wish the horror that is fame on anyone, it seems like a terrible life especially if you haven’t had a good foundation to begin with.

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PS:I Guess We Should All Just Mind Our Own Business