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May 8, 2012

Hayden 10: What Really Went Down :)

May 8, 2012

Why is marriage a goal?

May 8, 2012
Trayvon Martin
I’m sure this will be real dope when/if the time comes 🙂

So I’m done with undergrad!!!!!!!!. I’ve been twiddling my thumbs waiting for graduation so I can begin the next epic puzzle to my life .  I now have a lot of time to think and hopefully now to blog.

One of my best friends called me today and we had like a two hour long covo, trying to catch each other up about whats been going on in our lives. She was telling me about a guy she had recently stopped dating and she was also telling me that she’s not sure if she wants to continue on the career path that she’s been setting up for herself.  I in epic fashion told her to do what she wants, to do what makes her happy because honestly, life is too short to make choices based on someone else expectations. But something else she said really bothered me. She told me that she was feeling some type of way because in her four years at college, she really hadn’t found anyone epic and that in terms of marriage things are looking rather bleak.  Her parents meet in college and got married shortly thereafter. I know a few girls myself that are engaged, married or have been married for sometime. I think its wonderful if you find someone pretty early on in life that you can’t imagine living without but why is marriage still the ultimate goal for young women in 2012? My girlfriends are beautiful, educated, lovely people and we have a real opportunity to carve out epic lives  for ourselves. There are so many places to see and so many things to do. Obviously being single isn’t exactly super fun all of the time and companionship love and relationships are wonderful. But marriage? To be really real about it as of right now 60% of all women in the US will never get married.

Marriage super serious step to me nobody is tryna go out like Kim K and her pathetic 72 days. I would rather be with someone for years and years,  than jump over a broom because society told me that was the “proper” thing to do.  I think its beautiful to want to spend your life with someone else, but in your early twenties if you haven’t found that yet then, you certainly shouldn’t feel like you’re missing out on something. I guess I’m a go with the flow type of gal. Marriage may be in my far future but if its not I’m certainly not gonna sweat it now. Instead, in the next few months I’m going to Disney World, moving to Harlem and going to graduate school.

I think instead of marriage, happiness should be a major goal and hopefully some lucky guy will fit into that picture whether your legally tied to him or not

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  • I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Sadly, the whole marriage crisis situation is something that plagues us from long established gender norms — a woman is valued by how quickly she can get married while is man is valued by how long he can hold it off. It’s strange. And there is so much to do! So many people to meet! So many things to EXPERIENCE!!! Why tie yourself down now? In your twenties? The PEAK of your youth! I’ll never understand.

    Also, where are you going for Grad School?! What are you majoring in?

  • YESS SO AGREE!!!!!!! I’m going to Columbia for film studies