Unraveling Hour One Of ‘Shots Fired’

March 22, 2017

‘Underground’ Recap: It’s All About Heartbreak & Survival In ‘Ache’

March 22, 2017

Will ‘Greenleaf’ Take A Stand For The LGBTQ Community? Recapping Episode 2, ‘Strange Bedfellows’

March 22, 2017
Underground Season 2 - Episode 203

In episode 2, “Strange Bedfellows”, the Greenleafs are moving in all different directions. Jacob is determined to move out of the Greenleaf mansion and take charge as the head pastor at Triumph’s second location. However, Lady Mae wants Bishop to talk to him about Pastor Skanks claiming to be the son of Darryl, the deceased caretaker who was killed in the arson James committed years ago. Both Lady Mae and Bishop are puzzled by the claim, since they only remember Darryl having daughters.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s transition to Triumph isn’t going quite as smoothly as he would like. Skanks demands that Jacob go door to door in Calvary territory, telling folks about Triumph’s new location. It feels like a cheap move to Jacob, but he does it anyway. In the midst of this, Pastor Skanks’ wife finally shows Kerissa the home she and Jacob will be moving their family into. Kerissa is LESS THAN impressed, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Despite the upcoming move, Sophia and Zora are still two peas in a pod (for now). Sophia has her sights set on a Triumph singer named Isaiah Hambrick, and the girls plot and plan to attend his rehearsal. The only trouble is, when they arrive, Isaiah only has eyes for Zora. This is going to be bad!

The younger girls aren’t the only ones who are trying to figure out their love lives. I guess Grace’s ex-flame Noah has officially gone back to his fiancée. However, Grace has caught the attention of a journalist by the name of Darius Nash (Hey Rick Fox!). If you recall, he was the writer who aired the Greenleafs’ dirty laundry in the newspaper when Bishop was under investigation. After some convincing, GG goes out with Darius, and they have a great time.

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